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Wedding Reception Entertainment

Dueling pianos are a great option for live music for weddings. A wedding band can be expensive and require a lot of performers to work. For dueling pianos, two players is all we need to make your event memorable. While one performer is leading a song, the other is helping fill out parts by playing keyboard drums or filling in horn parts or vocal harmonies. This creates a full sound without needing to hire a bass player, drummer, or guitarist.

For weddings, we often get requests to play a song from the bride and groom for their first dance or while the bride is walking down the aisle, which we take time to learn before the big day. It makes the moment even more special hearing a live version of their favorite song during the ceremony.

The great thing about dueling pianos is that we come equipped with a huge repertoire. Sure, we’ll play songs that we know the crowd will love, but we also take requests and enjoy adding a special element to the show when people hear a song that they chose. This makes each performance unique and customized to the audience.

If keyboard drums are an option, why do you recommend having a drummer? A drummer is always going to be a great addition because they’ll just sound better. This will also allow the other keyboard player to help fill in guitar riffs or horn parts. So while a drummer is not necessary, we highly recommend adding one to really make things incredible.

Chicago has so many incredible venues to choose from for your wedding, and downtown Milwaukee has some beautiful places that we have played as well. Northwest Indiana and northern Illinois have lovely rustic venues that can also be more cost efficient than a reception in a big city. We happily travel within 3 hours of Chicago and want to make your big day something that will definitely be talked about by friends and family.

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