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Civic Events

Give your community a fun night on the town!

Civic Entertainment

with a fun interactive twist!

Civic events are an awesome way to bring your community together. Shows in the park where families can enjoy a night of G-rated entertainment are one of our specialties. We'll have children dancing, families singing along to their favorite Disney tune, along with classic sing-along songs and fun bits for the audience to take part.

Some of the fun things we do during our shows...

SING-ALONG: Sing-alongs are a natural part of the show.  From Sweet Caroline to Don't Stop Believin', we want as many people singing as much as possible.  We take requests from the audience but will also guide the show 

DANCE COMPETITIONS: Dance competitions can be done in a few different ways. One method is having audience members nominate other people to come up and dance for $20.  If that person wants to get out of it, then they have to donate $40.  The more nominations that come up, the more we bring people to the stage to dance.  Another fun way of doing it, is having a small group of people do their best dance moves, and then people vote for their favorite by donating.

GUEST SINGER: We normally don't have people come up and sing during the show, but with fundraisers, we make an exception if the price is right. Audience members can donate to have someone come up and sing a song with us.

LAST SONG OF THE NIGHT: For this one, we'll usually pick a big song and have people donate towards the last song of the night.  The song with the most money, such as Piano Man, Livin' on a Prayer, or Bohemian Rhapsody, will be played as the last song of the night.

For pricing information, please contact us for a free quote.

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