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If you're looking for the ideal Chicago Wedding Entertainment, consider Lo-Fi Jukebox.

Chicago Wedding Entertainment

Ceremony Music, Cocktail Hour, Reception

Chicago Wedding Entertainment

Weddings require a lot of planning. From the venue, the florist, the caterer, and everything else, we provide an ideal Chicago Wedding Entertainment solution - making planning the music and entertainment as simple as possible. Need sound for your ceremony and officiant? We've got you covered. Lo-Fi Jukebox provides a complete PA with wireless mics for announcements and speeches. Our musicians have an incredible wealth of experience performing and are also fully capable of emceeing your event, welcoming the wedding party into the reception, and making sure that the evening runs as smoothly as possible.

WEDDING CEREMONY: For the ceremony, our musicians are able to provide live music or prerecorded versions of the songs that you have chosen. When we reach out, we provide a template for you to fill out with your special song requests.  Our talented musicians will learn these for your ceremony.

COCKTAIL HOUR: We're able to provide background music for your cocktail hour.  As friends and family are drinking, chatting, and catching up on each other's lives, we can provide a nice relaxed, low-key setting for everyone to get prepared for dinner and the dancing and singing that will be coming later.

WEDDING RECEPTION: After your guests have been fed and a few drinks have been had, it's time to start the fun!  Dueling pianos is all about audience interaction, whether it's singing, clapping, or dancing to the music that you and your guests choose.  We keep the party going while you create the set list for the evening.  Request slips allow everyone to submit their favorite songs, and we keep the music going.  For weddings, we highly recommend including a drummer.  While we definitely ahve no problem getting people to dance with just two players and one usually playing keyboard drums, a drummer takes the performance to an entirely different level. This creates the ideal Chicago Wedding Entertainment option.

WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT: Everyone knows that prices for weddings tend to be inflated.  For us, however, you know exactly what you're getting and the price.  There are no special quotes that increase the cost simply because it's a wedding.  All of our prices are clearly listed on our Services page and provided below with the cost for music for the ceremony and cocktail hour included as well.  You pay for the duration of the show and the day of the week.  We are your ideal Chicago wedding entertainment solution!

Dueling Pianos

Starting at $2,300

All of our pricing is determined by the duration of the performance and the day of the week, with options to include live music for your ceremony and cocktail hour as well. These additions are listed below and do not change. There are no mysteries as to how much it might cost, simplifying the process for you to plan your Chicago wedding entertainment. You pick the options that are best for you and our budget.  Our December pricing is slightly different since those dates tend to be highly competitive for corporate events and holiday parties.

Dueling Pianos Package

Sunday - Thursday

2-Hour Dueling Pianos Show - $2,300  add a drummer - $400

3-Hour Dueling Pianos Show - $2,600  add a drummer - $500

 Friday & Saturday

2-Hour Dueling Pianos Show - $2,700  add a drummer - $500

3-Hour Dueling Pianos Show - $3,000  add a drummer - $600

December Pricing

Sunday - Thursday

2-Hour Dueling Pianos Show - $2,400  add a drummer - $500

3-Hour Dueling Pianos Show - $2,800  add a drummer - $600

 Friday & Saturday

2-Hour Dueling Pianos Show - $2,700  add a drummer - $600

3-Hour Dueling Pianos Show - $3,100  add a drummer - $700

Additional Performance Options

Ceremony - $200       Cocktail Hour - $200

Additional piano setup and relocation - $150

$250 for 6 lights or $400 for 12 lights

Uplighting for reception -

We're able to provide uplighting for walls with customizable colors for your event.  We use Freedom Flex H9 wash lights that will illuminate the walls and add color and vibrancy to the environment.


The ceremony and cocktail hour are $200 each for additional live music.  If a piano is not provided at the venue for these locations, we are able to provide a small one-speaker setup for these events with a piano, but require roughly 20 minutes if the pianos need to be relocated for the reception.  If an additional setup is required, the cost is $150. We want to do everything we can to make your Chicago wedding entertainment special and memorable.



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Lo-Fi Jukebox is an ideal Chicago Wedding Entertainment solution.

Your Chicago Wedding Entertainment Solution!

Lo-Fi Jukebox

Prides itself in providing some of the best musical entertainment for your event at a price that won't break your budget.  For information about prices and services, check out our affordable packages and a la carte add-ons here.

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