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About Lo-Fi Jukebox

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Lo-Fi Jukebox Dueling Pianos, based out of Chicago, IL, is a newer musical entertainment company started by Jeremy Bell in 2020.  Jeremy got his start in dueling pianos in 2011 where he trained at The Shout! House in Glendale, AZ before eventually becoming the Entertainment Director.  In 2014, he moved to Chicago and continued to duel as a freelancer, playing all across the United States and traveling the world working for Howl at the Moon on Norwegian Cruise Lines.  He brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the gig, which is why he decided to create his own company Lo-Fi Jukebox.

The company specializes in high-energy, interactive live music for corporate events, fundraisers, and weddings much like other dueling piano companies, but offers a la carte packages to suit your needs and budget as well.  As a smaller company, we strive to provide the highest quality production value but at a cost that will fit your budget.  Whether you need only one player for an event or would like to add a drummer, bass player, or even guitar player, Lo-Fi Jukebox is able to accommodate your needs.  For more information and to start customizing your entertainment package, please click on the link for services.

Lo-Fi Jukebox pulls from a roster of some of the best freelance entertainers in the metropolitan area as well as offering equipment rentals for your own favorite players to use.

Lo-Fi Jukebox

Prides itself in providing some of the best musical entertainment for your event at a price that won't break your budget.  For information about prices and services, check out our affordable packages and a la carte add-ons here.

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