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Lo-Fi Jukebox uses an all-request, audience-driven format to drive its shows.  The players arrive with no setlist.  Instead, you and all of your guests provide them with your favorite songs to sing along, clap along, and even drink along to.  Whatever your "jam" is on the radio or your Spotify list, chances are they'll know it. 

Listed below are our basic service packages as well as add-ons.  All prices are the initial starting cost before factoring in travel costs if the event is located more than 40 miles outside of the Chicago area (the 60618 area code), after which an additional charge of $0.70/mile will be included in the final quote.  For events more than 3 hours away, the additional cost of a hotel room may also be included in the final price.  During December, the prices are slightly different due to a higher volume of requests for holiday parties.  For more pricing information please contact us for an individualized quote.

Dueling Pianos

Starting at $2,200

The dueling pianos package is our most widely purchased service.  The dueling pianos package guarantees a 3-hour show with the opportunity to book more time.  Having two performers greatly increases the repertoire list that they are able to accommodate as well as doubling the energy output of the show.  While one player is singing and playing piano, the other is able to sing harmony while playing keyboard drums or getting the audience clapping and participating.  This is our best "bang for your buck" option that is sure to bring the house down.

Dueling Pianos Package

Sunday - Thursday

2-Hour Dueling Pianos Show - $2,200  add a drummer - $2,600

3-Hour Dueling Pianos Show - $2,500  add a drummer - $3,000

Friday & Saturday

2-Hour Dueling Pianos Show - $2,500  add a drummer - $3,000

3-Hour Dueling Pianos Show - $2,800  add a drummer - $3,400

Keys and D's

Starting at $1,600

Lo-Fi Jukebox's "Keys and D's" package pairs one of our amazing piano entertainers with a seasoned drummer.  A perfect duo for smaller events or people who want to save a little money but not skimp on the entertainment value.  This combo is great for getting people to dance in addition to the normal sing-along of a piano bar.  Having a drummer adds that little extra somethin'.

Key's and D's Package

    Sunday - Thursday                                                              Friday & Saturday

 2-Hour Keys and D’s Show - $1,600                                                  2-Hour Keys and D’s Show - $1,900

 3-Hour Keys and D’s Show - $1,900                                                  3-Hour Keys and D’s Show - $2,300

Solo Piano Performer

Starting at $1,200

While only half the entertainers of our Dueling Pianos or Keys and Ds Package, it's not half the fun.  For anyone who's ever been to the Redhead Piano Bar, Grapes and Grains, or the Zebra Lounge, you know that one piano player can definitely get the job done.  A solo entertainer is our most cost-efficient live music option and is perfect for smaller events or get-togethers.  Whether you're looking for background music for a cocktail hour or someone who can rock the keys and get your guests singing at the top of their lungs, a solo performer is able to take any event up a notch.  

Solo Piano Package

    Sunday - Thursday                                                             Friday & Saturday

   2-Hour Solo Piano Show - $1,200                                                       2-Hour Solo Piano Show - $1,500

   3-Hour Solo Piano Show - $1,400                                                       3-Hour Solo Piano Show - $1,700



Although the dueling pianos can incorporate keyboard drums to create a beat, there's nothing better than having a good drummer.  If you want to make sure people get out on the dance floor, this add-on is the best way to make sure that happens.


Bass and electric guitar we only recommend as an add-on if you first include a drummer.  This is for the people who want to take the show to the next level by adding a groovy, driving bass line or wailing guitar to the mix. 

Additional Instruments

Want to add a trumpet player or someone who can play the saxophone to the mix?  We'll work to find someone to fit your needs, just let us know what you're looking for.


Need Live Music
        For Your Event?

Lo-Fi Jukebox

Prides itself in providing some of the best musical entertainment for your event at a price that won't break your budget.  For information about prices and services, check out our affordable packages and a la carte add-ons here.

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