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Fundraiser Entertainment: Consider Dueling Pianos

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Fundraisers are difficult events to plan. They require a lot of moving parts to be successful and finding the right fundraiser entertainment is difficult, but don’t worry, Chicago, we’ve got you covered. Dueling pianos are an amazing way to raise additional money at your event while also providing musical entertainment.

Finding the right fundraiser entertainment can be challenging.

For a majority of our events that Lo-Fi Jukebox Dueling Pianos perform, we don’t solicit tips, but providing fundraiser entertainment is special. We incorporate entertainment, audience interaction, and a special knack for opening wallets into a fun and memorable event. From dance competitions and guest singers to song battles, we love to include people into the show as much as possible and praise their generosity to make them feel incredible.

So how exactly do we do this?

Dance competitions are a lot of fun. People can nominate dancers for a “fee” to partake in the competition, but if guests are not interested, they can also pay a “fee” to get out of it. We also can have people vote for their favorite dancer with their generosity rather than by making noise or a show of hands.

Guest singers are a great way to have someone talented come up and perform. Usually we set aside a reserve like $200 or more to have a special guest come up and sing.

Song battles are a staple in dueling pianos. We get the audience to tell us what to play. One performer might say that Friends in Low Places is the best song in the world, while the other says that Don’t Stop Believin’ is actually the best. Well, how are we going to figure out this out? How about the audience decides? The song with the most money gets played, and as people bring up more for each song in the battle, we swap back and forth between each song.

Consider our services as your next fundraiser entertainment and not only entertain your audience in a memorable way, increase your donations as well!

Dueling pianos is an ideal way to provide fundraiser entertainment and generate donations.

These are just a few of the ideas that we love to include when we provide fundraiser entertainment. We love to work with event coordinators and come up with ideas that will make your event special and profitable. Our goal is to make the act of donating fun and enjoyable for people. It becomes a fun, social element where participants look forward to giving money.

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